Feelings In High Quality

Feelings In High Quality

Each person has a smell in which he feels himself, which every time says "this is me" when he feels this and which he adopts as his own. In fact, fragrances change people's lives and worlds and help them discover new worlds in their own. Isn't that true for you too? Isn't there a scent equivalent to every emotion a person experiences in real life? When you felt the happiest, what scent do you remember? Is that a unique smell that comes from your mother, your wife, or the chocolate factory you walk past on your way ? What smell stays in your head when you're saddest? So, each fragrance has its own history and its own world.

Once there was a lady named Nursel, who lost herself in the sense of smells, turned every smell that she heard from childhood into a feelings and created them again. Fragrances have become a way of life for her, even the life itself. Nursel, believed that smells have feelings, believed that each of them contains di erent worlds, and wanted to declare these feelings not only to herself, but to the entire world. She studied chemistry and became a chemical engineer to make her business more professional and promote her fragrances. She added the knowledge and experience she gained to her senses and created unique and quality fragrances. Then became time to turn the little worlds she discovered into a real world.

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